When entertaining and planning décor for celebrations, select a focus to keep your space looking cohesive. A theme isn't always necessary, so finding inspiration in other forms is a great way to help brainstorm everything from cocktails to recipes, to your flower arrangements. To get inspired for this bright and airy soirée, notes from the Sea Salt Neroli fragrance were chosen to begin with. Sea Salt Neroli is filled with lemon, verbena, rose, lily and sandalwood notes.

Simple garlands were made with fresh lemons and limes. To recreate in your own home, use a heavy embroidery needle, cotton string and thread each piece of fruit near the top. Tie ends to a nail or something with weight in your room to drape.

For this party, individual gardens were created complete with moss in a wood box, fresh cut fruit to bring in the citrus fragrance, and finally a coordinating place card held up by a flower frog.

Roses mixed with lilies and cuttings from the yard were all that were needed to add a pop of color to this already vibrant tabletop.

Add a playful glass to each setting for your signature cocktail. Interesting glasses are great conversation starters.

Wood signs with favorite quotes were tucked into the table as well. Let guests take these as party favors if you wish!