A Feast For All Five Senses

Michelin-starred chef Phillip Foss believes dining is an experience for all five senses. He fully brings the flavor of each dish to life by giving diners’ noses, tongues, fingers, ears and eyes aspects to savor. Turn your next dinner party from a meal to a complete dining experience by stimulating all five senses with these recommendations.

Create Anticipation

Allow scents to waft into the dining room, giving diners a hint of what’s to come before their plates even arrive in front of them. Don’t feel limited to the fragrance of the cuisine itself. Consider using a fragrance with notes that serve as a delicate nod to the first course’s ingredients. For example, our Basil Blue Sage fragrance for a first course of crab with basil and fennel.

Play with Texture

Incorporate different textures into your meal for a unique experience on the plate. Soft textures bring out sweeter, creamier notes, while rough textures make components appear saltier and crunchier.

Select Musical Arrangements

Complement each dish’s flavor profile by accompanying each bite with the appropriate musical composition. High-pitched piano or keyboard notes enhance the sweetness of a dish, while a composition with predominantly low tones magnifies its bitterness.

Choose Your Lighting

Highlight flavors in any dish with your lighting selection. A dimmer variation of lighting allows new details, such as spices, unexpected ingredients or unconventional cooking methods to pop.