Take inspiration from the Lavender Cedar Leaf fragrance this new year, and let the soothing scents of the forest shake things up when you entertain guests. Rather than serve the same old cheese board, infuse it with lavender and natural woods for a floral-infused, arboraceous kick. Below are three ideas inspired by Caldrea’s fragrance: two to enjoy at the party, and one for guests to take away.

Serving your selections on natural wood boards will enhance the experience of the infusions by bringing more of the outdoors inside. Serve a lavender pepper grinder with the board for guests to crush over each bite. Simply combine your favorite whole peppercorns with edible lavender florets. We recommend a ratio of 3:1, respectively, and pour into a decorative grinder.

Infuse honey with lavender. Simply add about 2 tsp. of dried lavender florets to your honey in an airtight container. Let sit for around 1 week. Taste at the end of the week and make sure the honey is infused to your liking, then strain into a clean jar. Honey is a staple on a cheese board as it pairs well with all of the components; cheeses, fruits, and nuts. Adding a hint of the lavender flower will make it unique. Cheese is great with a drizzle of infused honey, the bread can be dipped in it and the earthiness of nuts are more delicious and pronounced with a touch of honey.

Send guests home with a jar of lavender sugar. For this recipe we consulted our friends at Cupcakes and Cutlery.

Package the infusions in elegant glass jars with customs tags for a memorable party favor.