Basil Blue Sage

Basil Blue Sage Candle

Enhance your décor and extend your favorite fragrance into your entire home with our beautiful patterned glass candle. Made with vegetable wax, beeswax, and fragrance essential oils. Burn time: 45 hours

(8.1 oz, 230 g)

Basil Blue Sage Candle

Free of Phthalates, Paraffin, Lead

Ingredients What is it? What does it Do?
Vegetable Wax Base renewable wax from a mix of soy and corn ingredients earth-friendly wax that burns cleanly, delivers fragrance and ambiance
Beeswax wax from honeycomb helps to modify burn performance of candles
Essential Oils of Basil, Blue Sage and Rosemary essential oil provides fragrance
Fragrance smells great and provides an aromatherapeutic experience mixture of high-quality essential oils and synthetic fragrance ingredients
Paper and Cotton Wick paper and cotton wick provides burn time for candles
Remove all packaging before lighting candle. Always place candle on a heat resistant surface. Before lighting, trim wick to 1/4”.
Q. Do your wicks contain any metal?
A. No.  Our wicks are composed of paper and cotton only.