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Braid. Bun. Blossom.

The effortlessly chic look is an everyday classic when it comes to your hair and pairs perfectly with any ensemble. The key to an exceptional appearance is creating an ideal balance of elegant ease and dressed-up polish. We’ve combined a little of both with an added twist for your next event, inspired by our Pear Blossom Agave Collection.

Whether a black-tie event, birthday brunch or dinner party in your own space, we’ve elevated a modern look with a touch of fragrance for every hostess.

Begin with dry hair, teased ever so slightly at the crown and brushed back—to show off a fresh-faced look. A spritz of dry shampoo should do the trick to add just the right amount of texture creating volume where it’s suited best.

Braid. Bun. Blossom seperate into ponytails

Once brushed back, separate into two ponytails. Fishtail braid one and secure with an elastic band. For the second, loosely twist a simple rope braid and tie at the end. Then elegantly wind into a side chignon and hold into place with a few bobby pins.

Braid. Bun. Blossom simple rope braid

Once the chignon is secured, wrap the fishtail around the bun hiding the elastic bands. Lightly tuck end into band of rope braid.

A Sprig of pear blossoms

For the final touch, add a sprig of spring pear blossoms. We recommend a contrasting hue that will stand out against your hair color while complimenting the healthy shine.

Pear Blossom Agave Candle