Fresh Flower Crown

FRESH Flower Crown Fresh Flower Crown

By Paul Lowe, of Sweet Paul Fresh flower crown

Flowers aren't just for vases anymore, thanks to this DIY. A fresh flower crown is perfect for weddings, homemade gifts or just for sprucing up an outfit. Not to mention, it does wonders for cheering you right up.

Stick figure with flower crown Stick figure with flower crown

Instructions For Fresh Flower Crown


  • Dry vine or wire
  • Tape measure or string
  • Fresh flowers
  • Fresh greenery
  • Thin, green floral wire
  • Scissors

How to make this project

  1. Use a tape measure or piece of string and measure around your head.
  2. Cut floral wire or a dry vine to the length you measured. Then, make the wire or vine into a circle and secure the ends together with a small piece of floral wire.
  3. Wind greenery around 3/4 of the way around the crown. Use tiny pieces of floral wire to keep the greenery in place as you go.
  4. Trim flower stems, leaving a short amount of stem, and attach fresh flowers to the crown with small pieces of floral wire.
  5. Try on your crown or gift it, and then show it off with #MakeAndTell.

Tips for Inspiration

  • Swap flowers for different types of leaves.

  • Gifting your crown and not sure what the circumference should be? Use pliable twine instead of floral wire. This way, you can easily adjust the size.