Lemon Stamped Table Runner

Lemon Stamped Table Runner

The start of summer means outdoor gatherings are in full swing. We’ve all been waiting to spend time with friends and family in the backyard, under a canopy of trees or next to a colorful garden. Informal outdoors entertaining is all about fresh flowers, brightly hued table coverings and delicious food. This easy DIY pays tribute to one of my favorite summertime treats - fresh lemonade. We decided to turn some of our retired sheets and long curtains into bright coverings for our serving tables using a simple stamp technique with lemons.

Materials & Tools

  • Tablecloth or runner sized fabric; cotton or muslin work best
  • Knife
  • Paper towels
  • Medium sized lemon
  • Fabric paint
  • Foam brushes
  • Paper plates
  • Cardboard, to place under fabric while stamping
  • Iron



  • Practice on a piece of scrap fabric first.
  • Once you find the amount of paint and pressure that produces a design you like, move on to your party fabric.
  • Each time you stamp, you will need to reapply the fabric paint to the lemon stamp, to ensure you get a similar design every time you stamp.