Meet Honeysuckle


Sweetly scented Honeysuckle provides an air of calm as you clean. Often used as a cleaning aide, this fruity floral is said to be soothing & cooling.

  • LOVE IN THE AIR Thanks to the Greek legend of Daphnis and Chloe, honeysuckle is famous as the symbol for devoted love. Today, in some countries, it is believed that if you bring sweet-smelling blooms of honeysuckle into the house, a marriage will be stronger.

  • HANDY HEALER The ancient Chinese used honeysuckle to cure snakebites and soothe irritated skin. Today, natural healers popularly use this sweet-but-mighty herb as it’s thought to treat symptoms of the flu, headaches and even relieve arthritis pain and inflammation.

  • TANTALIZING TREATS The nectar of these flowers produces a sweet honey flavor that can be used for garnishes or ice cream flavoring. You can even add it to vinegar and oil to create a dressing for fresh spring salads.

  • LUSCIOUS LOCKS Change up your hair routine by adding a few drops of honeysuckle oil (found online or at your local apothecary) to your shampoo and conditioner to help eliminate dry, brittle locks.