Thelma's Weekly Cleaning Plan

Thelma's Weekly Cleaning Plan

If you’re not careful, messes can pile up and ruin a perfectly good Saturday. Especially when you have nine kids running around like Thelma did. That’s why she created a weekly plan to keep things tidy. With a different task for each day, the work gets done and there’s still time for fun.

  • LAUNDRY DAY After taking a break from cleaning on Sunday, laundry is a good way to ease into the week. Do a few loads and feel good about having nice, clean clothes for the week.

  • IRONING AND MENDING DAY Now’s the time to wipe away the wrinkles from yesterday’s laundry. Look for anything that needs mending. If anything is beyond repair, cut it into rags to use for cleaning.

  • BEDROOMS AND HOME OFFICE DAY Tackle your vacuuming and dusting today. Be sure to clean the windows, too. Then change out the bedding and look forward to sleeping on crisp, fresh sheets.

  • SHOPPING DAY Never brave the grocery store on the weekend if you can help it. Instead, grab your list and head out on a Thursday evening to enjoy a chaos-free store.

  • LIVING ROOM DAY Wash the windows and floors, then vacuum the sofa and carpet. Don’t forget to dust off the electronics and clean the glass on the TV. For a finishing touch, polish up your decorative bowls and frames.

  • BATHROOM AND KITCHEN DAY These rooms get oh-so-grimy! Thelma’s advice? Get up early and get them done. Throw a little elbow grease into the counters, sinks and floors, and call it your weekend workout.