Luxury Dining Curated By Caldrea

Though every dinner may vary in courses and cuisine, the recipe for the perfect menu does not. An unforgettable dining experience comes from preparation and attention to detail. Because an exquisite meal doesn’t happen by accident, we’ve curated the following recommendations for creating a unique tasting menu for your next culinary occasion.

Find Your Muse

Create a framework to develop your dishes by choosing a theme. A theme could be something as simple as your favorite color, a celebratory occasion or subject matter that inspires you. For example, a recent trip to the Maldives might lead to a menu featuring citrus accents, perfect for a bright and airy soirée.

Order As Necessary

Organize your meal so each dish builds on the previous one’s flavors, transitioning to the next. It’s best to serve lighter, more delicate bites at the beginning and end of the service and have the rich, heavier dishes toward the middle

Complement with Décor

Incorporate various elements of each dish, such as color, texture and aromatic notes, to your table to complete a well-rounded, yet memorable sensory experience for your guests. Curate tableware, cutlery, music and lighting to enhance the mood and ambiance of the evening.