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When Fragrance Inspires Fine Dining

Michelin-starred chef Phillip Foss knows exquisite dining begins when there is a story to be told. Entertaining can mean so much more than a menu. Which is precisely why we’ve compiled a fragrance enhancing entertaining cheat sheet for any fine dining affair with some help from the EL ideas Restaurateur.

EL ideas Restaurateur

Each story has a beginning, middle and end—with abundant details or “fillers,” as chef Foss affectionately calls them. Consider this when planning for a well-rounded, sophisticated engagement. With the refreshing and tangy combination of notes in our Ginger Pomelo collection, we’ve selected the glowing fragrance to elevate the story we’re telling for a before noon soirée.


First: Arrange furniture in such a way where conversation is encouraged and let aromas of the courses or an inviting candle’s fragrance fill the space. Scent has the power to ignite a memory or an emotion. With that in mind, greet guests inside and let the fragrance be a conversation starter.

Second: For special occasions, it’s nice to have a menu designed and printed for the table. Keep colors and typeface consistent with your story’s theme. Lightly spritz with Caldrea Linen and Room Spray for an added touch of elegance. This will allow a peek at what’s to come and continue guiding diners on your fragrance story. If for a particular celebration, add a title on the cardstock and gift to guests as a scented memento of the affair.

Third: Adorn the table with subtle-scenting floral centerpieces, noting to not overpower the warm aromas wafting from the kitchen. Enhance the arrangements with a blend of unscented candelabras and differentiating vases. This will create a point of interest and complement your table settings. And since we are firm believers bubbles should be enjoyed year-round, include a champagne glass or two for each setting.

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