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Caldrea Accessibility Statement

The Caldrea Company (“Caldrea”) is committed to providing access to our websites to as many users as possible. With respect to this ongoing goal, we understand that many of our customers are currently living with disabilities or impairments which can greatly inhibit access to information technologies including the Internet. Caldrea is committed to ensuring equal access to our users with disabilities, as we recognize how critical such access truly is in today's society. We are also committed to providing maximum access to our websites to those users who may encounter other access barriers including low bandwidth and language issues. We encourage and welcome all users and strive to provide maximum access so that everyone can enjoy and benefit from our offerings equally.


We Want Your Feedback

We are committed to providing an accessible service, so if you experience problems or have any questions or suggestions for improvement, we would like to hear from you. Please get in touch by either emailing us using our Contact Form or calling us at 877-576-8808. We take your feedback to heart and are continuously improving our services based on your feedback.


Thank you. We appreciate your support.
The Caldrea Company