Sea Salt Neroli

Sea Salt Neroli Linen and Room Spray

Our linen and room spray offers a fresh way to fragrance your home, car or garments and linens as you iron, or after you iron. Made with essential oils and other thoughtful ingredients.

(16 fl oz, 473mL)
For use in any room, your car, or directly on garments and linens as you iron or after to freshen.  Test on an inside seam prior to spraying on delicate fabrics and avoid spraying on finished wood. 
Q. Can this product be used in my iron?
A.  No. We do not recommend using the Linen and Room Spray in your iron. Please spray the product directly on the fabric and then iron.
Q. Can the Linen and Room Spray be used on silk or satin fabrics?
A. No.  We would not recommend spraying this product on silk or satin, due to the potential for these fabrics to show spots when they get wet.
Q. Can I use the Linen and Room Spray on upholstered furniture?
A. We have not done testing specific to upholstery with our Linen and Room Spray.  However, in many cases it may be safe.  We recommend testing first on an inconspicuous spot before spraying the entire furniture item.
Q. Can I use the Linen and Room Spray to freshen my rugs or carpet?
A. Yes.  This product is safe to use on carpeting and rugs.