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A Day Of Exquisite Experiences

Caldrea invited a select few to take part in what was, a day of exquisite experiences. We gave our guests the key to Chicago’s most exclusive destinations, which resulted as an awe-inspiring occasion centered around one day in one city.

With careful planning, an exquisite day can unfold whenever you so choose. In fact, we encourage seeking a break from the norm whenever possible. Let your own city act as the backdrop to unraveling adventure. Read on for our direction on how to do so.

a day

The Scene

When prior engagements do not allow for a longer holiday, a getaway in your own city is optimal. It also means a day of indulgence can ensue with minimal notice. Check-in to a hotel you would recommend to a friend visiting from out of town. While you may know your own city well, a change of scenery can create a sense of discovery.


The Look

Be it a hairstyle, makeup or wardrobe choice, a revamped look is uniquely refreshing. For a perfectly curated look, have a stylist pull your new wardrobe for the upcoming season.


The Foray

Any bon vivant knows there are always hidden gems yet to be discovered in one’s city. Take this as an opportunity to venture off the beaten path by welcoming the concierge’s suggestions on the latest where-tos. Whether it’s shopping at a lesser known vintage boutique or visiting an elusive pop-up restaurant, an expert’s insight can lead you to uncover curious places.