The Lavender Pine Plum Lip

A bold lip is a classic standout for any occasion, from a lively soirée to an intimate rendezvous. Update the traditional red lip by opting for plum. Though it may seem intimidating, hues of purple give unexpected flattery to all skin tones. Continue on for how to adapt this look - inspired by the elegance of our Lavender Pine fragrance.

Overdone makeup is a faux pas. For the most refined look overall, remember to let your lips do the talking. As a more intense lipstick color calls for subtler face and eye make-up. Before you begin, it’s also worth considering the particular shade that will best complement your skin tone. We suggest testing different shades well ahead of time as this is a process not to be rushed.

Begin by exfoliating your lips with a honey and sugar scrub then moisturizing. Though often overlooked, preparation is key to assuring lipstick applies evenly and lasts longer.

Next, line the lips with a color that either matches your lipstick choice or is a shade darker. Start in at the corners of your mouth, closely following the natural contour of your lips as you make your way inwards.

Once your lips are lined, use a small brush to apply the lipstick. Stay inside the lines as you do and there’ll be no need to clean smeared edges.

Lastly, blot excess with a tissue – less the chance of transferring your lipstick onto a champagne flute later in the evening.